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Ohio Bicycle Federation Cyclist Friendly Communities Award

An award for communities that treat cyclists well

Some of the measures Vandalia and NASA Glenn Research Center took to earn the Ohio Bicycle Federation Cyclist Friendly Communities Award

Presentating Award to NASA Glenn

Earth Week table at Glenn

Secure bike racks at Vandalia Justice Center

Marked vehicle detectors at Glenn

Vandalia Freedom Tour, 2004
Organization & Planning
  • Vandalia: Deputy City Engineer works on cycling issues
  • Glenn: GO-BIKE committee advises Safety Chief
  • Vandalia: Bicycle Advisory Committee includes experienced bike commuters and recreational cyclists
  • Both: A League Cycling Instructor advises with planning
Equitable Treatment, Safe and Fair Laws
  • Both: No unsafe/discriminatory ordinances
  • Both: No helmet ordinance
  • Vandalia: City Resolution #95-R32 declares cyclists are equal users of the roads
  • Both: "Share the Road" information is in newsletters and web sites
  • Vandalia: BAC chair plans road rage prevention program with Vandalia Police Chief
  • Both: Street Smarts booklet distributed widely
  • Both: Bicycle driving seminars
  • Glenn: Hosted Road-1 class for employees
  • Vandalia: Police and advisory committee conduct Bike Rodeos at all elementary schools twice each year
  • Glenn: Earth Week cycling information table provided for many years
  • Vandalia: Articles in city newsletter teach motorists that cyclists are not required to ride on paths
  • Glenn: GO-BIKE web site distributes cycling educational materials
  • Vandalia: Cycling posters displayed at rec. center
  • Glenn: Safety messages distributed on "Today@Glenn" email
  • Vandalia: Hawaii Ironman triathlete and nutritionist Michelle Kitze spoke on cycling nutrition in 1995 and 2004
  • Glenn: Parents' bike education program given at day care center
Accommodation, Engineering and Safety
  • Vandalia: Resolution #95-R-32 declares policy for routine accommodation of cyclists on all non-freeway roadways
  • Both: All vehicle detectors have been adjusted to detect bicycles
  • Glenn: Vehicle detectors are marked for bicycles (note arrow in photo)
  • Vandalia: Seminar for community officials
  • Vandalia: Replaced several dangerous parallel bar grates
  • Vandalia: Committee identifies road hazards for repair
  • Vandalia: City plans bikeway under a barrier formed by Railroad
  • Vandalia: Secure inverted "U" bike racks installed at city hall, court, recreation center, and library
  • Glenn: Informal parking allowed in building doorways, along railings, etc.
  • Both: No striped bike lanes
  • Vandalia: studying safety issues related to a shared use path in city park
  • Vandalia: Page on city web site for problem reports
Promoting and Encouraging Cycling
  • Vandalia: Mayor's bike month proclamation is covered in the press each year
  • Vandalia Bike to Work Day meets at the gazebo in May
  • Glenn: Ride to work day celebrated in April during Earth Week
  • Vandalia: Annual Freedom Tour (community ride) since 1996
  • Glenn: GO-BIKE web site includes contacts for mentor program & shower info
  • Vandalia: Brochures from Dayton Cycling Club encourage businesses accommodation of bike commuters