Read the statement regarding the Ohio Bicycle Federation's award as read by Bike Miami Valley Executive Director Laura Estandia when she presented the Advocacy Organization Award for 2017 to the Ohio Bicycle Federation during the Miami Valley Bicycling Summit on May 5 in Wright State University's Student Union Building.

Advocacy Organization or Group Award

This award goes to a bicycling organization or group that, in the past 2 years, has made significant progress advancing bicycling opportunities. Their leadership has worked together tirelessly to grow and strengthen their organization and fulfill their mission. The proof of their effort is in the growth of their campaigns and the victories that they have achieved for people who choose to go by bike in the state. Please join me as we recognize, the Ohio Bicycling Federation, Chaired by Chuck Smith, as Advocacy Organization of the Year in 2017.

Details about the recipient, Ohio Bicycling Federation:

The Ohio Bicycle Federation’s most successful effort since the last Cycling Summit is the passage and enactment of Ohio’s Three Foot Safe Passing law, an effort that they have been working on for several years. Under the leadership of Chuck Smith, OBF tirelessly lobbied the Ohio General Assembly, session after session to identify sponsors, and co-sponsors of numerous bills. OBF members testified in Columbus in favor of this bill - not an easy task. OBF also hosted a very useful tool on their web site to assist Ohio citizens to contact with their senator and representative at the state house about the Three Foot Passing Bill. Their work was rewarded with Gov. Kasich’s signature in December 2016 of the new law, which took effect in March 2017.

In addition to policy advocacy, OBF appears at community events, has performed bicycle crash data assessments, and holds a monthly advocates conference call to maintain statewide lines of cycling-related communication. OBF also publishes in print and online the very popular Ohio Bicycle Events calendar which you can pick up today or at any local bike shop around the state.

The Ohio Bicycle Federation has been the leading voice for improving the laws of the state of Ohio to make cycling an equal transportation mode on our public roadways. From the Better Bicycling Bill in 2006 to the Three foot law in 2016, OBF is always on top of the issues of the day. Clearly, OBF’s impact is as a statewide advocacy organization, so the effect of their work extends beyond the Miami Valley.

Please join me in thanking Ohio Bicycle Federation, lead by Chuck Smith.