Strong support at Wright Wride 2015

The Ohio State University Bicycle Racing Team visits the 3rd Annual OBF Ohio Bicycling Summit

Huffman Award to Jim Sheehan

Six members of the Upper Arlington High School Bicycle Racing Team (first Ohio high school racing team) visited their Senator Kris Jordan

Ohio House Representatives Mike Sheehy and Mike Henne, sponsors of House Bill 154, during Ohio Bicycling Summit on April 22, 2015.

OBF Chair Chuck Smith presents $1,000 check to Queen City Bikes for bike lights

OBF Chair Chuck Smith and daughter Julia arrive at statehouse on a tandem

Team Stelleri Captain Pamela Semanik in new OBF 3 Feet Passing Kit in Cleveland Velodrome during OBF Day in Cleveland on June 3, 2017

OBF Day 2015 at Bicycle Museum of America

With Emmy and Advocacy Organization of the Year Award at OBF Display

Holding the "Three Feet" banner in the Ohio Statehouse on May 21, 2013 minutes before testifying on our Safer Ohio Cycling Bill

Who We Are

The Ohio Bicycle Federation (OBF) is the only state-wide advocacy organization representing Ohio's bicyclists.

The OBF is an alliance of individuals and groups interested in promoting the use of bicycles for recreation, transportation and other appropriate purposes.

It serves by providing opportunities for the betterment of bicycle education, engineering, legislation, the encouragement of activities involving the use of bicycles and by serving as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

The OBF is a membership based organization operating under a constitution.

How to Join

Show your support for the Ohio 3-foot Law! 

Join or Renew your OBF membership and get access to the exclusive OBF 3-foot Law Collection. To sweeten the deal, you will receive up to a 33% discount! 

Or apply via regular mail. Simply print our  membership form, fill it out and send to us with your check.


OBF membership includes a subscription to our newsletter The Ohio Bicycle Communicator, the only regularly published state-wide bicycle advocacy newsletter in Ohio.

You will also receive an early copy of each year's Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar—the most comprehesive bicycle event calendar available in Ohio.

The greatest benefit of joining the OBF is that you will be helping us continue our mission to serve the cyclists of Ohio.

OBF Events

October 27–28, 2015

The OBF will exhibit during the Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference at the Columbus Convention Center. (12/10/14)

February 23, 2016

The third annual OBF Ohio Bicycling Summit will again be held in the Statehouse Atrium from 9am until 2pm.

Get detailed information, and please start thinking about your organization booking a display for the Summit! You can book display space at this link.

We have scheduled earlier for 2016 because the Ohio House and Senate will probably recess for the summer in late May and not return until after the 2016 election. (5/16/15)


Board Meetings

February 13, 2016

Adventure Summit, Wright State University Student Union in Dayton.

OBF will sponsor bicycle organization participation in Semiannual Summit.

Cycling in Ohio

How to find Ohio Bicycle Rides and Tours

Ohio Bicycling Information


National Bicycling Information


Ohio State and Local Advocacy


Other State and Local Advocacy



Organizations (National, International, and Non-Ohio)


Cycling Safely and Efficiently

(The following have been contributed by former OBF board member Fred Oswald)

Other bicycle safety resources

The web travel site “TripBuzz” has an informative page about bike safety. (Kathleen, 4/9/14)

Bike Cleveland has created an informative set of cycling videos:

Reporting malfunctioning traffic signals

If you do not have contact information for the jurisdiction controlling malfunctioning traffic lights, call 614-387-0722 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to report the location and they'll inform the responsible city/county and recommend increasing the sensitivity and/or installing symbols where to place the bicycle to trigger the detector. (3/1/13)