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There is still time to reach 20,000 Ohio cyclists through our 2015 OBF Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar!

  • Click here for complete information about the Calendar. The deadline for submitting an event listing for our Calendar is January 14.
  • Click here for specific information regarding display advertising. The deadline for submitting a display ad for our Calendar is January 27.
  • The Calendar ad rates are a real bargain, as they have remained the same since your OBF started to offer Calendar ads in 1997!
  • Our Ohio Bicycle Events Calendar is the leading such publication in the nation. Advertising in the Calendar is a way for you and your organization or business to support bicycle advocacy in Ohio. Your OBF has been successful three times in shepherding Ohio bills into law and was behind the effort to pass House Bill 145 during the current session of the Ohio General Assembly. HB 145 would have:
    • Required that Ohio motorists leave at least three feet of clearance when passing cyclists.
    • Permitted all Ohio vehicles (including bicyclists) to proceed through an intersection after stopping and yielding right-of-way even when the device designed to move the traffic light from red to green does not work.

Next year’s (2015) Ohio Bicycling Summit

Next year’s Summit will be held on April 22, 2015 from 9am until 2pm in the Ohio Statehouse Atrium in Columbus. If you represent an organization that will need a table for this event, please sign up at Eventbrite.com. (12/10/14)

HB 145 does not pass 130th General Assembly

HB 145 (3' passing law) will not be passed this legislative session. We learned this last week when we stopped in to Senator Manning’s office. She told us that Senate committees hold three hearings on bills and the Transportation committee is meeting only once more. She does not know if she will be assigned to the Transportation committee next session, but if so, she looks forward to working with us on this bill again. (12/11/14)


Our House Bill 145 advances to Ohio House

The House Transportation Committee approved OBFs House Bill 145 on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 by a 7–2 vote.

WKSU interview with Chuck Smith

Visit NPR station WKSU for the interview which concerns our House Bill 145. (1/17/14)

Podcast with Bike Lawyer Steve Magas

This is the last show of 2013 for The Outspoken Cyclist with guests Bike Lawyer Steve Magas and RKPs Patrick Brady. Steve Magas’ part of the show starts with a look back at some of the notable events involving cyclists and the law, including some high profile bike-car collisions. By looking at how the majority of crashes happen, we can take steps to avoid those situations, or at least be extra vigilant around them. Here is the link to this show: outspokencyclist.com. (1/1/14)

Progress on our 3-foot Passing Law

Our Ohio Bicycle Federation Safer Ohio Bicycling Bill was introduced in the Ohio House as House Bill 145 on April 30, 2013. Our bill included a three foot passing rule.

However, the three foot passing clearance portion of HB 145 has been removed due to lack of House Transportaiton Committee support. We will try that provision again next year when term limits will give us a new committee. (3/17/14)

Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts

As you know, our Share the Road license plates were intended in our OBF legislation to fund Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts, a wonderful little book which tells the reader how to ride a bicycle in traffic on Ohio’s roads.

We in the OBF have worked with ODOT to update Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts to reflect changes in the Ohio Revised Code brought about by OBF’s Better Ohio Bicycling Bill of 2006. We need to let ODOT know that we cyclists want Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts to be published again. (8/1/11)

Please contact Melissa Ayers (below) and let her know that you want the revised Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts: (4/5/13)

Melissa Ayers
ODOT Deputy Director of Communcations
1980 W. Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43223
Phone: 614-644-8640
Email: Melissa Ayers.

OBF President appeared on the Ohio RAAM Show in October

Lee Kreider interviewed OBF President Chuck Smith on the Ohio RAAM Show in October, 2012. The OhioRAAM show is an affiliate of ohioraam.org representing a group of Ohio enthusiasts and supporters of The Race Across AMerica (RAAM). You may listen to that show by clicking here. (1/28/13)

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